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Yamato 170 - Santoku Knife 170mm Blade | VG1 DP CLAD

Yamato 170 - Santoku Knife 170mm Blade | VG1 DP CLAD

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Made in Japan | 🇯🇵

The Santoku knife is the most popular type of knife that has evolved with Japanese culture.

It is an all-purpose knife that can prepare pretty much any ingredient. Although its birthplace is Japan, its convenience has spread overseas, and in recent years many non-Japan-made Santoku Knives have been found.

Instructions and Maintenance:

  • Please do not use it to cut bone or frozen foods
  • This is an extremely sharp knife. Please use special care when using and storing it. Please keep out of children's reach. 
  • Please do not use the knife for purposes other than cooking
  • After use, please hand wash the knife then wipe it clean and dry with soft clean clothes
  • To maintain fine cutting performance we recommend re-sharping the knife once or twice per month
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