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Sugar Bowl Night Sky

Sugar Bowl Night Sky

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Royal Blue Speckled Glaze ceramic sugar bowl with matching lid and a stainless steel silver leafy spoon. The inside is finished with a glossy white glaze.

This is a unique Night Sky glaze that is very difficult to produce and is available in limited numbers. The perfect addition to any kitchen or table.

Handcrafted with all of the care and attention that you would expect from an artisan. These sugar bowls are individually hand glazed and fired in my own electric kiln in Somerset, England, and not mass-produced in a factory in a faraway land..!

Each sugar bowl and lid measures 110mm high (4 inches) 90mm in diameter (3.5 inches). The stainless steel spoon is 125mm (5 inches) long.

This ceramic sugar bowl with lid and spoon is finished with a high gloss royal blue speckled glaze, dishwasher, and microwave oven safe. Can also be used for storing sweeteners or a range of different sugars and jams.

Catalogue ID: SB16

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